When it comes to hiring Virtual Assistants, why consider workers from the Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. Among emerging markets, it has one of the highest broadband access rates relative to GDP.

There are additional reasons to specifically consider using our Filipino Virtual Assistants to lighten your load.

Our Exclusive Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Cost-Effective

  • Filipinos can be employed at about one-half to one-quarter the typical cost of a Virtual Assistant.
  • Filipinos are familiar with western business culture. They understand their productivity produces value for their employer, which in turn benefits them.

Our Exclusive Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Educated

  • The literacy rate in the Philippines is 95.4%; Filipinos are well-educated.
  • 70% of I-RISEUP Virtual Assistants have bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees; many have completed MBAs; 20% have honorary degrees; 10% are completing undergraduate degrees.
  • The Philippine education system continues to produce college graduates, but their training exceeds the pace at which skilled jobs are produced in the Philippines. Educated Filipinos are eager to use their training for challenging and fulfilling work.
  • I-RISEUP Virtual Assistants are required to complete ongoing continuing education through college classes in business and computer technology.

Our Exclusive Filipino Virtual Assistants Speak English Well

  • Filipinos have an excellent command of English, especially when compared with other Asian countries.
  • English is one of two official languages of the Philippines.
  • English has been used in Filipino schools since 1901. Top Filipino universities teach all their classes in English.
  • Street signage, newspapers, radio, and television in the Philippines are in both Filipino and English.

Our Exclusive Filipino Virtual Assistants Have a Strong Work Ethic

  • Our Virtual Assistants are used to working long hours with consistently high productivity. You get good value.
  • Our Filipinos are accustomed to difficult situations, making them resilient, adaptable, and versatile.
  • Our workers live in a culture where they must be resourceful. In the case of a power outage, our Filipino Virtual Assistants will find a way to get online to complete his work – whether by traveling to a mall, coffee shop, or computer store to go online. They work well independently to find solutions.
  • Loyalty and trust are valued in Filipino culture, resulting to low attrition rates for you.



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