Running a business or organization can be challenging at times; especially for those who do not have the tools or resources to effectively communicate with their market. Our mission is to help businesses, individuals, and organizations like yours do more of the things you love and leave the repetitive, draining, tasks to us. We are here to encourage you to communicate efficiently by taking advantage of our tools and resources through our membership programs.

I-RISEUP is a source for digital marketing solutions, training, information, software, and virtual assistance – all at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for each separately. We provide the resources and tools to enable you to connect with more customers and clientele, with less effort on your part.


If you’re the owner of a retail shop, insurance agency, consulting firm, or real estate agency… If you’re a blogger, online marketer, church leader, doctor, lawyer or entrepreneur… Or if you just need help with your social media or webpage, we can help you.

Not  only  will I-RiseUp provide you an excellent virtual assistant that can accomplish dozens off different tasks; you’ll be helping put fine people back on their feet.

You get top-notch virtual assistance. They get to rebuild their lives and create a brighter future for their families.

Our Filipino Virtual Assistants are passionate, loyal, meticulous and highly skilled. If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of. Sign up for FREE today.

24 Things I-RISEUP Can Do For You Today

 To Allow You to Save Time and Resources


  • can help you with your website design and creation.
  • We will provide solutions to your marketing and advertising needs using sophisticated software.
  • We will do the research and create relevant articles and content based on your needs.
  • We will assist you in your online purchases and ensure you get quality goods and services.
  • We will spare you from the pressure and stress stemming from managing online accounts and dealing with buyers or sellers.
  • We will profile your friends and followers on social media, and perform the necessary research you need on them.
  • We will be your accountants that ensure your employees’ times are accurate and pay them on time all the time.
  • We will manage your social networking sites, keeping them active and busy.
  • We will handle customer service by answering all complaints, comments and inquiries, giving you time to do other things while keeping your customer service up to speed.
  • We will transcribe recorded class notes, memos or articles for you.
  • Manual SEO.
  • Link building.
  • Social marketing.
  • Build Website Landing pages.
  • Build your Facebook fan page.
  • Build your Twitter fan page.
  • Post regular content.
  • Create graphics for your products and services, including your website.
  • Create YouTube videos for you. Write relevant articles.
  • Enter necessary data and statistics.
  • Research.
  • Handle customer support.