Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequent common questions and answers that will help you understand the benefits of using our products and services. Please be sure to read through all the details before signing up. If you have any further questions, please feel free to CONTACT US directly.

Q: What resources are available to me?

A: ALL I-RISEUP members can access our entire Training Center packed with free resources, courses, graphics you can make your own, and digital downloads you can use in your business.

Q: What is my download limit?

A: You may download as many products as you like if you’re a paid member, and a limited download for free members.

Q: Where can I access the member resources training courses?

A: There are two ways to access training courses:

  1. Select from the list of training videos offered on the Training Center page.
  2. Access courses directly from the members’ page when you first login.

Q: What membership discounts do you offer?

A: We want to support ministries, churches, nonprofit organizations, students, and startup companies. Click here to find if you qualify for one of our membership discounts.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: We offer a 7-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. You may cancel your membership anytime by simply sending us an email. But you won’t! You are in good hands with us.

Q: How can I know that my payments are secure?

A: We provide bank level security and full SSL encryption during the checkout process. All pages interact with I-RISEUP payment process over HTTPS. We are PCI Compliance powered by Authorize.Net and Paypal. All credit card numbers are encrypted.

Q: Which countries does your membership payment system support?

A: We support all countries which PayPal processes.

Q: Will you help train my Virtual Assistant?

A: We equip our vetted Virtual Assistants with additional skills needed in addition to their own experiences. However, as all Virtual Assistants may differ in skills and technical knowledge, we make sure that all our Virtual Assistants are generally trained to easily adapt to any specific task you may send them. Once they learn how things are done your way, then it will only be a matter of time for them to excel.

Q: What do you do with my personal data?

A: We do not sell, rent, or give away any of your personal information. Never will.

Q: Why should I hire i-RISEUP Virtual Assistant when I can directly hire my own Virtual Assistant?

A: Great question. The good news is there are thousands of Virtual Assistants advertising their services in various places. The bad news, is that there are thousands of Virtual Assistants advertising their services in various places! 99% of the time when someone has a bad Virtual Assistant experience, it is all because they hired the wrong one for the job.  It takes a ton of work, time and experience to find the right Virtual Assistant; Job Board searches, reference checks, background checks, vetting, internet speed and reliability testing, and so on.

This is a huge ‘non – revenue generating’ project and a huge loss of time for busy business owners and entrepreneurs – and saving your time is our goal. Imagine you try this complicated process yourself, with no experience in virtual staffing, and hire the wrong Virtual Assistant! Result: huge waste of time and money. Now you have to hire and train another VA all over again. And if you get it wrong the 2nd time, well, you get the idea…

Q: What happens if I want to change my Virtual Assistant after choosing one?

A: No problem.  Life can be crazy and we all change our minds – a part of life and business. If you change your mind about your Virtual Assistant’s choice within 7 – Days, you can simply choose one of the other original 3 candidates. Or, we can find you 3 more candidates – absolutely free!

Q: Do I have to pay taxes of payroll in my home country?

A: This is one of the huge savings you enjoy when you outsource your staffing to the Philippines vs. hire domestically/traditionally. Virtual Assistant is  an ‘independent overseas contractor’. Your Virtual Assistant is tax deductible just like any other Vendor you pay. These savings alone gives your business a huge advantage over your competition.

  • NO taxes.
  • NO Payroll taxes.
  • NO Pension Contributions.
  • NO Medicare.
  • NO Social Security.

You only pay for work that gets done.  True story.

Q: What about confidentiality?

A: Modesty aside, Filipino people are hardworking, kind, loyal and trustworthy people. You can trust your Virtual Assistant. But feel free to take things slow, and build trust at your own pace. You can, of course, ask your Virtual Assistant to sign a ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ or ‘Non – Disclosure Agreement’, but in our experience this simply isn’t necessary. We think you’ll be amazed at the level of professionalism and trust you’ll enjoy with your Virtual Assistant.

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Q: How do I Pay My Virtual Assistant?

A:  For i-RISEUP’s Entrepreneur Members, no need to worry about paying your Virtual Assistant for they are included in the program.  However, if you prefer to work directly with our vetted Virtual Assistant and chose our Virtual Staffing Service, it is your decision how you’re going to pay them.  We recommend PayPal and it is our favorite payment tool. PayPal gives you the peace of mind, security, transparency and protection.



Q: Do you train my Virtual Assistant?

A:   We will give your Assistant access to our Training Center. However, do understand that the candidates presented to you were given training, and  are chosen because of their years of experience and testimonials from previous clients, so they will get up to speed on your tasks quickly. That said, like any new employee, your new Virtual Assistant will have to learn how you like to work and what you expect. But once you have established a relationship and expectations, you’ll be amazed at what your Filipino Virtual Assistant can do for you – even while you sleep!

Q: Can I hire a part time Virtual Assistant?

A: Of course. You can hire your Virtual Assistant part time, or full time, or on a project – by – project basis. This is the power of outsourcing – you only pay for time you need! That said, we recommend our service for business owners & entrepreneurs who are looking for long – term partnerships with experienced & dedicated Virtual Assistants.


Q: How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?

A: We highly recommend the following tools and resources to ensure you and your Virtual Assistant communicate well and stay organized:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Viber
  • Task Management
  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Basecamp













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